Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding the Good in Grief by John F. Baggett

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes.  The death of a loved one.  A broken marriage.  The loss of a baby.  The loss of a job.  A serious illness.  Financial troubles.  Even facing our own mortality.  And we all face grief differently.  There is no way to know when it will hit or even how.  But there is one certain and one common denominator, we will all have to deal with grief eventually.  When tragedy strikes it is a grave mistake to think we can bypass the grieving process it is a necessary and useful part of life.  If handled well, a time of grief can be the catalyst for making a stronger instrument for the Lord.

John Baggett has put together a useful tool to explain the process of grief broken down into five stages.  At each stage he explains the stage, gives practical ways to work through them, and he shares stories from people who have been there and rose victorious.  He also explains the dangers that can sneak into our life and spiritual walk if we are not careful.

I have been through many different types of grief in my life and I have walked with many loved ones through their own journey of grieving.  I think Mr. Baggett really has a good depiction of what the grieving process boils down to.   This book would be excellent for just about anyone but especially for those who is grieving or anyone who is trying to minister to those who are grieving.
About the book: 
When his son was diagnosed with a disabling mental illness, John F. Baggett experienced a journey of grief unlike any other-a grief for the loss of all his son would never be and that he, as a father, would never experience.  Through that difficult period he learned that grief-by whatever definition and for whatever reason-can be a time of momentous spiritual struggle: it is no smooth sailing even for faithful Christians.  How then can believers navigate the struggles of faith that so often accompany personal tragedy?

Finding the Good in Grief is both a practical and inspirational guide that teaches readers to learn, change, and grow through their grief. In five stages, Baggett demonstrates how to:
  • Trust God and rely on others
  • Choose reality instead of illusion
  • Resist the temptation to get stuck
  • Recognize moments of grace
  • Discover new meaning and purpose
Finding the Good in Grief will help Christians successfully negotiate faith struggles that often accompany the different stages of grief and will encourage them to find and develop spiritual resources to survive their darkest days of emotional turmoil.  Most of all, it will guide them to understand that God does have the power to transform events of radical suffering and to use them for good in our lives.

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