Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Truth Seekers: The Machine by Billy Myers

Aedan says: 

Truth Seeks: The Machine by Bill Myers is the story of a group of scientist who are building a machine in an Israeli dessert that has the ability to replay scenes from the Bible and make them feel like they are happening in real life. After their mother's sudden death, twin brother and sister, Jake and Jennifer, leave their home in California to live with their father in the Israeli dessert. They learn soon after arriving that their father is the lead scientist on the team to create The Machine.

As the family adjusts to their new life, Jennifer is haunted by a mysterious demon who she dreams killed her mother and is upset whenever a new transportation device known as the dimensional folder is used. Gita is The Machine's inventor's assistant, daughter of an Arab priest who is trying to kill her because she became a Christian. She befriends Jennifer and teachers her how to use the power of God to overcome the demon.

A funny part of the book is in the beginning when Jennifer is having a nightmare. In her dream her brother, mother and she are in the car listening to country music. A truck comes and knocks them off a cliff and into a canyon with a river at the bottom. Just before they die the country music singer shows up and sings a sad song.

An Arab man and an Israeli man working on The Machine are accusing each other of being spies for the other team. Robbie, another inventor on the team building The Machine, breaks up the fight by telling them that he knew how to find out who the spy is. Robbie plan is to shrink Jake so he can see the skin cells of the spy left behind from the break in. The plan works and the culprit turns out to be Jessie, the son of the scientist leading the team competing with Jake and Jennifer's dad to build The Machine and a special friend of Jennifer's. Jake and Robbie chase down Jessie in a flying lawnmower like contraption but Jessie gets away when the Robbie's-wannabe-girlfriend's-chimpanzee messes up control panel and they crash.

I give this book four out of ten stars. I might read this book again and would read others in the series if more were written. I think Sam would especially like this book because of the cool inventions.

Nathaniel says:

I read Truth Seekers: The Machine by Bill Myers. It is a story about how Jennifer and Jake come to God and learn to use God's power when they go to Israel with their scientist father. I chose this book because Emma read it and recommended it to me. This story takes place in a dessert in Israel. The main characters are Jake and Jennifer. I would describe Jake as adventurous. Jennifer could be described as quiet. These characters are important because they teach us to use the power of God.

The story is about Jennifer and Jake and what happens when they go to Israel to live with their Father, a scientist who is building a machine that makes you think you are in Bible times. I would not recommend this book for little kids because they might think it is scary.

I like this book because of the adventure. One thing I learned from Truth Seekers: The Machine is how when we have the power of God we have nothing to fear. I give this Truth Seekers: The Machine 3 out of 5 stars.

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