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Wounded Women of the Bible finding hope when life hurts, by Dena Dyer and Tina Samples

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This book has a pretty cover. It's layout is lovely. The type is easy to read. The topic is unique and drawing. But the true beauty of this book isn't the way it looks or even what it's about. What makes this book one of a kind? The dirty, gritty, bare truth found within it's pages. The testimonies of pain, and perseverance. Of struggle and of serenity. Of desperation and definition. By telling the stories of women in the Bible and in their own lives, Dena Dyer and Tina Samples give hope to the hurting. By recounting how they overcame difficulty, they inspire others to draw close to God.

As a little treat to you all, the authors agreed to answer two simple questions:

How did you come to Christ; what was it that made you give your heart to Him?

Ms. Tina Samples 

"At the age of twelve or thirteen - we settled down in a small Florida town. My brother stopped to get gas and met a family who invited him to a little country church. That little church is where I came to know the Lord. One night the pastor was sharing about God and coming to Christ. At the closing of the service, he gave an invitation (something Baptist churches do) and invited others to come pray and ask God to be the center of their lives. My mother sat in the pew in front me. When the invitation was given, the music started, people sang, and my heart fluttered. The Holy Spirit was moving! I didn't quite understand everything but knew something was happening in my heart. I stepped out in the aisle, approached my mother, and whispered in her ear, "Do you think I should go up there momma?" God was pulling at my heart. She said, "If God is calling you to go forward, then you should go." 
 "I remember thinking in my mind that I would go back to my seat and explore this tugging a little further. However, when I stepped out into the aisle, something magical happened. I hope I explain it clear enough to get the picture. It felt as if someone grabbed hold of me and carried me up the aisle to the pastor. It felt as if I were floating on a cloud and placed at the base of the altar. One minute I was trying to walk back to my seat and the next thing I knew, I was at the foot of the altar calling on God.  I cried as I told the preacher I wanted God in my life and my heart. We both prayed, a few months later I was baptized, and haven't stopped loving or growing in the Lord from that moment on."

Ms. Dena Dyer:

"I came to Christ through the example of my parents, who led the music ministry at our little Baptist church in Dumas, Texas. They took me to church every Sunday and Wednesday, where I heard the gospel message. One Sunday while getting ready for church, they turned on a children's religious program, "Dusty's Treehouse," and I sat in front of the television, watching. The host explained the message of Jesus so clearly that I responded immediately and asked Jesus into my heart, to be my Lord and Savior. Later, I told my parents, and they rejoiced with me. We told our church family and they, too, shared in our joy. It was a sweet time, and I'm forever grateful that I came to faith in Jesus as a child. He's been so faithful to me through the years!"

What would you consider to be the greatest part of your relationship with Jesus?

Tina Samples:

The greatest part of my relationship with God is being able to develop a relationship. To communicate and come to love Him knowing he is never far away. The world we live in today is filled with amazing technology. We can face talk our son on his phone and Skype if we want. He always has his phone with him, we see what he posts on Facebook and what others say about him. I can watch videos of what he's doing. Life is so different for us today than when I was a little girl. It's sort of like that with God. He sees everything I do, he knows what's going on with me, he knows my heart and though I cannot see Him, I am never out of His sight. 

I can read about Him in His word and He speaks to me through that. He speaks to me through others I come into contact with. He speaks to me in the silence and I feel His Holy Spirit around me. I have an understanding that He walks with me, goes before me, and paints my path with His Word. I can talk to Him any time I want. The best part of my relationship with God is having one of the best friends I could ever have in my entire life - who knows more about me than anyone in the world. 

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  1. What a great idea to share the authors' personal testimony. I love to hear of the unique ways The Lord drawers others to Himself.